ELN to keep its promise of releasing Luis Diaz father after player’s appeal

The left-wing guerrilla group ELN, responsible for the kidnapping of Luis Diaz father, Luis Manuel Diaz, has pledged to keep their word.

The group assured Luis Diaz, his family and the people of Columbia that they will release the player’s Dad.

This decision follows an emotional appeal from the Liverpool footballer, Diaz, who pleaded for his father’s release following his stoppage-time equalizer in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw against Luton on Sunday.

In their first official statement since announcing the start of Manuel Diaz’s release process four days ago, the ELN expressed an understanding of the anguish experienced by the Diaz family.

ELN to keep its promise of releasing Luis Diaz father after player's appeal
Luis Dias goal against Luton Town on Sunday – Getty image

However, they also accused the government of complicating the situation by deploying elite police and soldiers to the Perija Mountains near Barrancas, the area where Diaz father was kidnapped.

The ELN insisted on receiving “security guarantees” before proceeding with the release. Their statement suggested concerns about their own safety if they release Manuel Diaz.

After the Luton game, the Liverpool star broke his silence about his father’s kidnapping with a social media message appealing to the group for his father’s prompt release.

In his plea, Diaz said, “I ask the ELN for the prompt release of my father, and I ask international organizations to work together for his freedom.”