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You said I can never make it – Man in car reminds his former teacher after seeing him trekking (Video)



A Nigerian man spotted his school teaching trekking on an isolated road and decided to stop after recognising him.

He claimed that the teacher liked insulting and flogging him when he was still a small student.

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According to the young man who was inside a car with his friends, the man had told him that he will never make it in life.

When they stopped to interact with the man, he noted that he still recognises the boy, but added that the flogging was just a way of correcting him.

They tried to scare him by threatening to alight from the vehicle and beat him like he used to do to school children.

The boys mocked the former teacher for still using his leg as a means of transport years after telling him in school that he would not turn out well in future.

The man tried to spek but they drowned his voice with theirs and told the man to continue trekking as they drove off.

“Uncle you go trek oh, you been dey flog me for wetin I no do,” one of the guys said.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, it may be recalled that a teacher at Rocky Mount High School got into a fight with an unruly female student in the classroom and it was captured n tape.

Xaviera Steel, a substitute teacher at the school in Nash County, North Carolina was said to have confiscated the student’s mobile phone which she had been operating while class was in session.

The girl however confronted the teacher in an attempt to retrieve the phone.

“Why does the rules not apply to everybody else. That’s my phone,” the girl argued.

Steele responded; “It does apply to everybody.”

The school teacher could be heard telling the student multiple times not to touch her, a warning that was ignored as the student took a swing at her. The tutor retaliated and a messy fight broke out.

When the girl realised she had been subdued and here was no way out for her, she began to frantically pleaded with fellow students to get a teacher.

Meanwhile, Rocky Mount police confirmed the incident, but added that no injuries were reported.

The police also said the matter was being investigated.