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Woman thanks Nigerians for donating to build a new house after her tragic loss



In a heartwarming turn of events, an elderly Nigerian woman who had previously cried out for help after enduring the loss of her family members and her place of residence is now smiling after well-meaning people came to her aid.

The touching story unfolded through a video shared on Twitter by user @alakowee, capturing the woman’s initial plea for assistance and her subsequent journey towards a brighter future.

In the viral video, the woman emotionally recounted her hardships and expressed her feelings of helplessness.

She revealed that she tragically lost five out of her six children, leaving her devastated.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was also rendered homeless, further exacerbating her distressing situation.

Touched by her plight, @alakowee took to Twitter to appeal for assistance on her behalf.

The tweet garnered attention, and compassionate individuals responded by contributing funds to a designated account.

With the raised sum of money, food was purchased for the woman, and plans were set in motion to build her a new home.

woman thanks Nigerians for donating to build a new house after her tragic loss


The initial tweet read;

“This woman lost all her children to a tragic occurrence and now left alone without a place to call home. Imagine the pain and suffering she must be enduring… We can come together to provide her with the necessities she needs to survive, and to show her that she is not alone in her grief.”

“When I spoke with her on the phone, I almost cried. She’s in Shao, Kwara State. She told me out of 6children, she lost 5, and the last one doesn’t even have time for her. She begs before can eat, the place she’s staying is just…

If you’ll wish to assist her, I can link you up. I gave her the little I have sha”

An update was later shared, showing a video showcasing the progress of the building project.

The woman herself expressed her gratitude to the generous Nigerians who heard her cry and offered financial support.

The tweet captioned the video;

“Nigerians are great people. Thank you for the donations!!

Mama is saying a big thank you. We have commenced building a small house for her, and we’ve bought her food that’ll last her for a while. The house got to this stage yesterday. Mama is saying thank yooooouuuuu!!!”

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