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Woman overjoyed as she finds Chinese Yuan worth N200K in child’s new school bag (Video)



A Nigerian woman, Edith Gift, expressed her joy and gratitude after discovering Chinese yuan notes in her daughter’s schoolbag.

The woman, who goes by the handle @edithgift101 on TikTok, promptly turned this unexpected windfall into N189,000, a moment she described as nothing short of a “miracle.”

"I received almost N200k" - Woman over the moon as she finds Chinese Yuan notes inside her child’s new schoolbag (Video)

The incident quickly gained widespread attention on social media platforms, with many people celebrating Edith Gift’s good fortune and attributing it to her dedication to motherhood.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Edith Gift couldn’t contain her excitement as she flaunted the foreign currency, which appeared to be in pristine condition.

In her words;

“This one na miracle o. God o. God no dey sleep o. E clear abi.”

Her elation was palpable as she shared her story with her followers.

Netizens Reactions…

@Kendra said: “@princess gift50 make we go buy no bag if we fit see money inside.”

@oghenemineubido said: “My dear will don to suffer for this life for children so will Deserve the best.”

@EXGIRLFRIEND said; “God nor really dey sleep.”

@Shantee_Organics said; “Wow no be small miracle oh for this economy na proper congratulations.”

@Juliet said; “Nor be small one congratulations.”

@samsonjennifer2 said; “My mum saw abt 400 plus yuan inside a bag she was abt ti sell wen we change the money it was about 40k.” 

See below;


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