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Woman gives husband heavy blow to the head in public over alleged infidelity



A woman is being described as she-hulk online following the way she gave her husband a heavy blow to the head during a public confrontation.

The couple were captured on tape arguing over an unknown issue when she clenched her fist and punched his face with so much power.

The incident reportedly happened in Brazil and it was learnt that she was accusing him of cheating on her.

The heavy blow destabilised her hubby and made him jerk backwards to a point that he almost fell, but he regained his balance.

He was also wearing an eyeglass which went flying and despite the effect, he did not retaliate.

Some men jumped in between them the moment she landed the punch on her husband’s face.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, street_soldier11 commented; She don fight boxing before which kind KO be ghat

beatsby_veer; The man is strong. Anyone noticed the way he was falling and later recovered?

olagbokun_victor_olumide; But if a man try it. People will talk rubbish. You can d heavy hit on the man face. That even broke the glasses he’s wearing on. That’s not nice.

___oluwafemi; Olopa ma ko everybody sha ??, i just wish i fit use voice note ? say wetin dey my mind.

tsk_huh; Mke one girl try this thing with me one day ????

wisdom_dc1; Then need put vn for comment section ???

uncle_koke; This isn’t funny or nice ?

onuoraharthur; I for don leave her Waka since, you can tell that lady don’t have respect or love that guy.

vick_vans; You see the problem is these ladies are very temperamental..they easily flare up..I don’t and would never support violence..but some ladies are doing too much..and if the guy reacts now.. social media won’t take it easy on him..just imagine mtcheewww!