Why I am not close with my first daughter – Seun Kuti drops shocker

Musician and activist, Seun Kuti declares fatherhood as his greatest achievement while reflecting on his sour relationship with his first daughter.

In a recent interview with media personality Timi Agbaje, Seun discussed the joy of raising his daughter despite having them from two mothers.

seun kuti

He mentioned the strain with his first daughter with whom he has no relationship due to a lack of connection with her mother.

“The greatest thing I have ever achieved is becoming a father, having my daughter, being with her, and raising her.

“I have two kids but I’m not really close to my other daughter but to have the joy of that is the greatest achievement of my life for sure,” he stated.

Unclear by the statement, Timi further asked, “How do you have two daughters but you’re close to one and not the other? Were you a single father before you married?”

Seun Kuti on why he is not close with his daughter

“No, it’s complicated circumstances; no family is perfect, you know, but I’m not close to the mother of my other daughter.

“I wasn’t married when I had my other daughter; interestingly, I had only had premarital sex twice before my first daughter was born,” he said.

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