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Why Ekene Umenwa left husband to kneel before Moses Bliss – MC at couple’s wedding reception explains



The multi-talented MC, comedian Deacon Famous, has explained why actress Ekene Umenwa kneeled down in front of gospel singer Moses Bliss.

Recall that gospel musician Moses Bliss showed up unexpectedly at Ekene Umenwa’s wedding celebration.

Hundreds of friends, relatives, and coworkers attended the lavish wedding that Ekene and her filmmaker husband, Alex Kleanson, planned.

In a video posted on his Instagram page in response to the criticism, MC Deacon Famous stated that he personally invited the gospel singer to surprise Ekene at the wedding. He acted on her request to have a gospel and worship leader serenade her, her spouse, and the guests.

Actress Ekene Umenwa and her husband, Felix. Photo source: Instagram

The comedian underlined that Ekene often listens to Moses Bliss, one of her favourite gospel artists and that Moses Bliss has a special place in her heart.

That’s precisely why, overcome with excitement, she hurried to kneel before him.

He explained that the ordained gospel pastor who attended Ekene’s wedding offered anointing and spiritual presence, which is what motivated the singer to bow instead of her celebrity status.

According to Deacon Famous, Ekene bowed down to honour God and give a prayer. He sent a little video clip as proof, refuting the rumours that she left her spouse behind to welcome the musician.

Her spouse is seen in the video with her as they both kneel before the singer and engage in a moment of prayer together.

He was adamant that Ekene did not do anything improper when she kneeled before the singer, emphasising that a number of other event attendees had also done the same to show their devotion during Moses Bliss’s performance. He was baffled as to why her deed had caused such a stir.

The MC went on to say that the actress wanted to make her wedding reception a spiritually uplifting event so that she and her spouse could ask God for blessings as they started their married lives.