White Money recalls living under bridge before Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija 2021 winner, Hazel “White Money” Onou, has revealed that there was a time he lived under Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos state.

He was working at a cosmetics store and his home was the bridge. But on one fateful day, a rich married woman came to buy something and gave her phone number to him before leaving.

According to White Money, they got close when he was still staying at the bridge, and she invited him to her hotel where she gave him a blank cheque with a special request.

White Money recalls living under bridge before Big Brother Naija

He said he would have given in to her request to sleep with her if she had not mistakenly let him know that she has five kids by showing her family picture.

The reality TV star made the revelation during an interview on Echoo Room podcast, where he explained that he could not do that despite his condition because it is against his principle to sleep with a married woman.

White Money said; “I got a blank cheque from a lady when I was living under Ojuelegba Bridge. Then I was learning cosmetology, she came into the store to buy something, then she saw me and gave me her number to call her.

“I called her. She was so beautiful. We started talking and then she called me to meet her at a hotel then she put out a blank cheque for me.

“Before she put out the blank cheque, she made a mistake by sending me her family picture. She had about five boys.

“She was one of those women that their husbands are hardly around. If she had not done that, maybe I would have slept with her. But the fact that I know that she was married, I refused. I have a law, I can never sleep with a married woman.”


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