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What Muslim Migrants Have Done In Freiburg, Germany



A picturesque and once-peaceful university town, Freiburg – like many places in Germany – has been transformed by the arrival of Muslim migrants. More than a million of them were admitted to Germany in just one year – 2015 – which is when Angela Merkel flung her country wide open to migrants, who have overwhelmingly been Muslims. Diversity! Why should anyone have reason to worry?

Since 2015, hundreds of thousands of Muslim economic migrants, claiming to be asylum seekers, have continued to flood each year into Germany. The results have not been good. More on the situation in just one city, Freiburg, can be found here: “North Africans terrorize German green university city,” by John Cody, Remix News, January 24, 2023:

One of the most liberal cities in Germany, the university city of Freiburg located in southern Germany, is facing a massive crime wave perpetrated by North African migrants as well as mass riots at the city’s main asylum reception center.

The violence at the reception center has required the police to launch major operations on five separate occasions. Freiburg’s police forces were overwhelmed during the incidents and forced to call for reinforcements from neighboring districts and the German Federal Police to control the chaos, according to German newspaper Stern.

Just on Sunday, approximately 40 foreigners, mostly North Africans and Syrians, attacked each other with knives, sticks, and other objects. Officers made three arrests, but just hours later, another mass brawl broke out involving knives, with 300 foreigners either fighting or watching the fights unfold. Later, at midnight, a third riot broke out involving 40 men who attacked each other with various objects, according to police.

There has been chaos in the city center of Freiburg, with Muslims attacking each other – Syrians against North Africans – but these “mass brawls” with knives disrupt life for everyone in the city, not just the Muslims directly implicated. People are afraid to go out at night, for fear of being caught in the midst of a brawl or a riot.

The next day, residents of the asylum home triggered fire alarms and then threatened the responding firefighters and police officers with a knife. When police went to make arrests, they faced considerable resistance.

The “asylum home,”which is where shelter is initially provided to those immigrants — mostly Muslims — claiming asylum, was turned by its inhabitants into a trap. They deliberately set off fire alarms in order to attract firemen and police so that, upon their arrival, the Muslims could attack them. This was an assault on the forces of order that represent the state, which the Muslim migrants regard with contempt, for they see it as run by and for Infidels.

A few hours later, staff said they were threatened by North African residents inside the center, requiring a large police response….

The staff at the asylum center are there, remember, only to help migrants. They provide temporary shelter, help migrants prepare their applications for asylum, and at the same time, aid them in applying for the many state benefits – housing, medical care, education, family allowances, even unemployment benefits – that they might qualify for. Yet instead of gratitude, the North African Muslims threatened the staff at the asylum center with violence; the police quickly responded and, no doubt, the “large police presence” that was deemed necessary to prevent harm to the staff has not been fully removed. Many of those police officers will no doubt remain to provide permanent protection to the threatened staff.

And this deployment of police at the asylum center occurs at a time when more police are needed in the center of Freiburg, For the influx of Muslim migrants has led to a steep rise in the city center in both crimes of property – street robberies, smash-and-grab attacks on shops, cars vandalized and set on fire, house burglaries – and in crimes of violence, including rapes, beatings, and murder.

Police describe the suspects as “young men, mainly from the North African region, who have often only been in Freiburg for a few days and whose identity is usually not certain.” When they are stopped during a theft and “confronted with the accusation of the crime, the perpetrators usually act unimpressed. Police officers are often insulted or attacked.”…

When these Maghrebins – North African Muslims – who often fail to give their right names or nationalities, and who often pretend to be younger than they are (so that they will be tried, and sentenced, as juveniles) — are caught by the police committing a crime (pickpocketing, shoplifting, smash-and-grab at shop windows, street robberies, home burglaries), they are not the least bit cowed. They insult the police, even physically attack them. And why not? These police are Infidels, and representatives of the Infidel state; Infidels are “the worst of created beings.” They seem to think they have a right to make us, the Muslims, the “best of peoples,” obey their Infidel laws. Of course we’ll fight back. And besides, we don’t consider taking property from the Infidels a crime. It is ours by right: we are merely helping ourselves to a proleptic jizyah.

Many of the thefts take place in high-end clothing retailers and at the perfume counters of department stores. Police report that the number of such crimes has “skyrocketed,” with most of the suspects men from North Africa. Media reports indicate that many of the migrant men lie about their age in order to avoid stiffer penalties, a trend that is well-documented in Germany….

These Muslim shoplifters know what they are doing. They head for the most expensive clothing stores where they can make off with very expensive sneakers, silk scarves, lingerie, Italian suits, and to department stores, where they go straight to the perfume department, to make off with very expensive, and conveniently easy-to-hide bottles of perfume. Muslims work in shoplifting gangs; while some members engage the salespeople in conversation, or start a distracting ruckus, other members go to work grabbing the most expensive items they can find. There’s a great deal of money to be made.

This isn’t the first crime wave involving migrants in Freiburg. Already in 2016, following a string of sexual assaults and thefts, nightclubs in the city joined together to bar migrant men from entering.

Such a ban on admitting migrant men to the nightclubs in Freiburg, where the people kept out would overwhelmingly be Muslims, if imposed in the United States would not withstand a constitutional challenge based on its being a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, but Germany, fortunately, has no such clause to limit its freedom to act.

Despite the history of crime in the city, Green and other left-wing politicians have often pushed for more migrants to come to the city under the motto “We have space!”

It takes a long time for reality to set in for some people. Violent brawls among Muslims, and crimes committed by Muslim migrants are overwhelming Freiburg, yet the city’s left-wing politicians still insist on welcoming them because, their idiotic slogan proclaims, ”We have space!” They still refuse to recognize the crime wave in Freiburg and, indeed, in those cities across Germany where significant numbers of Muslim migrants now live. Everywhere it’s the same story of Muslim migrants committing crimes of property and crimes of violence, always against Infidels.

Foreigners are responsible for a massively disproportionate share of crime in Germany, according to police statistics.

On New Year’s Eve, mass riots took place in major German cities, which involved migrant men attacking ambulances, firefighters, and police. The events have led to a new public debate about mass immigration in the country and called into question Germany’s open borders immigration policy.

These mass riots included vandalism — smash-and-grab of whatever was on display in shop windows, the torching of cars, setting fires in the street. In Berlin, ambulances were fired upon, as were firemen trying to douse the fires that had been set – cars aflame, tires burning, stores set alight – by Muslims. The police struggled to chase down rioters, but were themselves attacked, with rocks, Molotov cocktails, and even gunshots. This has led to a great outcry in Germany, with many demanding that Merkel’s open-door policy on immigration be ended immediately.

This is Freiburg, this is Germany, today. The street violence, the increase in every type of crime, the attacks on the representatives of state authority – policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers – are happening at a time when Muslims make up only 7% of the country’s population. But what will happen when the Muslim population inexorably rises, as has been projected, to 20% of the total by 2050? What will German cities look like then?


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