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Video: Sarah Martins tells her truth amid fresh allegations of May’s involvement in her son’s demise



Controversial Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins continues to actively involve herself in Yul Edochie’s marital saga despite heavy backlashes.

The actress however took to social media to speak up after the contentious blogger, Gistlovers narrated how a prophet close to Judy Austin told Yul Edochie that his first wife, May had plotted to kill him and his 2nd wife via voodoo (juju) and unfortunately, it backfired leading to the death of her son, Kambilinachukwu.

Gistlovers who tagged the prophet as evil alleged that Yul Edochie was gulled by this prophecy resulting in him accosting May Edochie who was absolutely dumbfounded over the allegation.

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In Gistlovers’ words:

Sarah Martins breaks silence amid fresh allegations of May’s involvement in her son’s demise

Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION like you all know, apart from cruise and gbas gbos we do here, we also learn lot of lessons here, Real life lessons oo, so we don’t end up making mistakes that could be avoided.

Y’all know the Yul Edochie marriage palava has been on for a while now,y’all know how the matter take start now, I was the one that broke the story of yul taking a second wife and paying her bride price and until I broke the story, may was not aware of the affairs, infact she confirmed that she saw it on my page for the first time and almost passed out that her husband of more than 15years will take such decisions and na on blogs she go see am, also the second pregnancy and the hospital wey the Judy home wrecker dey use na Vawulence headquarters first post am then too infact I lost my page on that matter ????????and we moved again like nothing happened, so the whole saga stirred different reactions from we online inlaws, while some are wishing that the yul come back to his senses, some are wishing may divorce his silly A$$, na the matter still dey ground before the unexpected happen, MAY AND YUL LOST THEIR FIRST SON, The news hit alot of us as the family was still unsettled now they lost their son, one would think this great loss will make yul refrain from social dramas but we were all wrong , not long after the son died mark also took my page and I was away for so long, while I was away alot happened which is what I want to shed light on now, bloggers were just reposting the videos Judy made without getting to the root of the matter, I got hundreds of DM pleading that I should come back fast and shed more light on this matter because Judy guts is alarming, we thought after the first video the whole [email protected]$$ go stop but he no stop oo, it continued, I got so curious and vow say I go get to the root of this matter, naso I begin my search ooo, reached out to few of the family friends but all of them dey fear to talk, naso I carry my two left leg enter another zone, I reached out to few family members then the truth came out , the three different people that spoke to me all said the same thing, so now this is what happened, After MAY AND YUL LOST THEIR SON, YUL WA

Continuation: Yul wanted to return to his senses infact he warned Judy Judy to just stay off him for a while, deleted his pictures on Instagram and was trying to stay focused, only for jud to call him on phone say her pastor see one vision to yul oo say if he is not fast then go kee yul ooo, naso the wandering prick wey no want d1e but want use prick cause trouble collected the prophet number, the prophet is said to be based in imo, according to my source the prophet told yul that he needs to see him fast to avert what is about happening again, it was said that yul told the prophet that he couldn’t come as he was still mourning his child, long story short they Sha arranged a day for the prophet to come instead of them going, that was the beginning of May woes, the pastor came, after prayer it was said that the prophet told yul that May wanted to kee yul and Judy with pregnancy and that it’s only God that made the whole thing turned on may son, the prophet went further to tell Judy and yul to be careful and pray more ad they will use their eyes to see the end of their enemies, the matter became very messy as odiegwu wey cal himself odogwu called the first wife and started ranting asking what he has done to warrant such, may was confused and almost going insane being accused of wanting to k1ll her husband and k1lling her son is the height of it, Judy on the other side took to social media crying and making videos on how God loves her, shading may, In all of this drama may is still mourning and didn’t say a thing because she was confused, as if that was not enough Judy went to plan with her Zuma rock yansh friend, serah abi wetin be that one name, that one wey dey sell kayanmata to catch man but she no get husband, she do zuma rock yansh join, all na still the same, babu husband , so na that one planned with Judy to spread the divorce rumour to blogs and tell blogs to drag may to move on, as if that is not enough, they keep making videos to mock may and shade her, the game plan is to frustrate her to leave the house so Judy can take over all the properties the husband and wife both acquired, Judy was making videos and posting it on yul verified Facebook page, the d”

Reacting in the face of this report, Sarah Martins took to her Instagram page to reiterate how inseparable Yul Edochie’s bond with Judy Austin is while urging opinionists, trolls, and bloggers to keep off.

Accompanying her video with a lengthy note, she wrote:


It’s time y’all take a chill pill and face your family problems!
Stop judging people you do not know!
Leave judgment for God almighty!

Most of you are bitter souls suffering behind closed doors !
Suffering from emotional abuse!
Financial abuse!
Family abuse!
And most of u have never experienced true love in its truest form that’s why you re extremely bitter with the power couple that can NEVER be separated no matter how much you try!

Focus and channel this bitter energy into finding your own missing rib and leave people alone!

This couple compliment each other!
They re made for each other!
They re destined for each other and the sooner you understand it the better for your mental health!

I wasn’t there the day they met and definitely not there the day they fell inlove with each other.

I saw a soul tied humans and completely fell in love with the way they compliment each other and I couldn’t help but root for their happiness.

This life is too short to deny yourself of happiness!

A real man stays where he feels loved and accepted!

I once had an uncle that died as a sad man. He suffered from emotional abuse.
In the eyes of the world he was a happily married man but in his home he’s marriage packed up 13yrs ago but he had to sacrifice his happiness just to please gullible people and to please his children.

If he had gotten another wife or given love a chance before dying, his wife would have played the victim and the world would have criticized him for abandoning the wife of his youth.
My uncle died a sad man despite being a very wealthy man.
Since then, I do not judge people especially when marriage is involved because you only get to know or see what people display for you to see.
Please give these people some break!
It’s enough.
Na man wey wear shoe know where e dey pain am!
A real man will never set ring light, position camera and start pointing out the faults or flaws of his wife.

If you can’t accept people’s decisions on their personal lives then do not judge them for the decisions they make for their own happiness.

I am also a victim of emotional abuse but it won’t stop me from cheering true love on.