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Video: Sarah Martins Laments After Her Former Besties, Judy And Yul Edochie Unfollow And Block Her On IG



Sarah Martins, a Nigerian actress, has expressed her surprise at how her former best friends and colleagues, Yul Edochie and Judy Austin, unexpectedly cut connections with her by blocking her on Instagram.

Remember how Sarah Martins supported Judy’s rocky marriage with Yul against their detractors?

Last week, the actress got into an argument with Rita Edochie over an alleged death threat sent to May’s daughter, Danielle.

Sarah Martins, on the other hand, said in a video posted on her Instagram page last Friday that she had a fortuitous meeting with Rita at the airport and really asked forgiveness.

Sarah apologized to the veteran actress in the video, promising to cease encouraging Judy’s marriage to Yul Edochie and expressing her love for May Edochie.

In the wake of her reconciliation with Rita and May Edochie, Judy Austin and her husband, Yul, decided to unfollow her best friend, Sarah.

Judy Austin has also removed all social media posts related to Sarah, including the birthday message she posted last month to celebrate her new age.

In response, Sarah Martins openly lamented the fact that her closest friend and her spouse had chosen to block her on Instagram.

Despite this, the resilient movie star remains unperturbed, holding onto the belief that love prevails in the end

Sarah Martins wrote;

“Wow, just wow, husband and wife blocked me, love is still winning”

Judy also unfollowed Destiny Etiko over her support for May Edochie and for applauding Sarah Martins over her latest move.