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Video: Rapper, Nicki Minaj dragged to court for reportedly ‘damaging borrowed jewelry’



Hip-hop superstar Nicki Minaj, a Trinidadian-American, is currently being sued over alleged unpaid bills for handmade pieces of jewelry.

The “Moment For Life” rapper is facing legal action after Roseark Jewelry store in West Hollywood claimed that she had destroyed jewelry that had been given to her in addition to failing to pay her outstanding bill.

In according with court records, Brett Alan Nelson, Nicki’s stylist, had a written agreement with Roseark jewels Store specifying a loan of jewels for a public appearance.

The agreement’s provisions stated that any damages incurred during the loan time would be Brett’s responsibility and that the borrowed items were to be returned within a week.

According to the lawsuit, Brett did not provide the promised deadline and only delivered 66 pieces of jewelry after the given period.

Nicki Minaj dragged to court for reportedly ‘damaging borrowed jewelry’

A pair of earrings and a leaf ring that were both a part of the borrowed collection had visible damage, Roseark Jewelry store found upon assessment.

In response, Nicki Minaj’s defense lawyer argued that the singer shouldn’t be held responsible for the losses.

The lawyer claims that the jeweler is only using Nicki to promote their shop.

Additionally, a source close to Nicki confirmed to TMZ that she received the promised on-time returns for all of the loaned jewels.

The source further claimed that it was only after the items had been in the possession of the jeweler for some time that they complained about a missing stone.

As the legal battle unfolds, both parties involved will have the opportunity to present their respective evidence and arguments in court.

Nicki Minaj, known for her chart-topping hits and vibrant style, has yet to make an official statement regarding the lawsuit.

Fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly awaiting further developments in this case, as it involves not only the renowned artist but also the question of responsibility and accountability in the realm of borrowed jewelry.