Video of lady flirting with hotel cleaner sparks outrage

A viral video that has caused online outrage captures the moment a lady was seen flirting with a young male hotel cleaner who came to clean her room.

The hotel cleaner entered her room to do his job, and the lady began making a pass at him while videoing him.

lady hotel cleaner flirting lady hotel cleaner flirting

In the video, she could be heard complimenting the guy, referring to him as a ‘fine boy’.

She then asked him if he would be able to ‘handle’ her, and the guy replied in the positive.

When the guy told her that he was being paid N25K upon her enquiry, she offered to pay him N50K if he would come to her house.

However, the video has stirred mixed reactions. Some netizens insinuate that what the lady was doing was inappropriate and can be considered to be sexual harassment.

Read some comments below:

@Anon4noun said: “Hustle make them no dy call you fine guy with mop for your hand”

@campusblaze said: “This is sexual harassment but we are not ready for this”

@Just_Oma_ said: “This is soft harassment sha

You do not film people without their permission to post online. Much worse she’s commodifying the young man.

If this was the other way round these hopeless feminists would start ranting”

@MrsZanga said: “If na man make this video now, the internet for don turn upside down ????????‍♀️”

@Big_Rossie_ said: “If it’s a guy that does this, the story will be different o. Why using a stranger for content?”

Watch the video below:


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