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Video: James Brown Cries Out, Reveals Why He Missed 2023 AMVCA Night



James Brown, a well-known crossdresser and aspiring Nollywood actor, has expressed regret about his absence from the just completed Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

James Brown posted a video on social media explaining why he was unable to attend the high-profile events attended by African celebrities.

According to the footage, James Brown was not present at the occasion since he had to go to a hectic film shoot. He also expressed regret for being unable to attend the event.

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Bobrisky reveals why he is not cool with James Brown

Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, has explained why he doesn’t get along with James Brown, another crossdresser.

James Brown and Bobrisky haven’t been the best of friends lately. The two have frequently disagreed on social media for various reasons.

He revealed that he is not friends with James Brown because he consistently imitates his style in an interview with media personality Toke Makinwa.

James Brown continued to use the crossdresser’s content without giving him credit, the crossdresser further revealed.

He continued by saying that despite his efforts, he was unable to become friends with his work colleague.

“I don’t want to be in competition with Denrele he has his brand, I want to build my brand. I come with different energy, I don’t wear what Denrele wears or do what he does, I didn’t copy anything he does or am friends with his circles.

“That way, I can be myself, don’t copy everything Bobrisky does, be your own self, trust me you will make more than bob, don’t compare or compete with nobody be yourself and you might sell more than those before you.”