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Video: “For The Past 4 Months, He Hasn’t Sent Money For His Son Upkeep” – Portable’s Second Baby Mama, Honey Berry Cries Out



Honey Berry, second baby mama of award-winning controversial singer Portable, has accused him of neglecting his son.

She accused the musician of being a deadbeat father on Instagram Live, claiming he hadn’t provided her money for his baby in over 4 months.

As she begged him to take care of his son, she mentioned how another father cannot continue to feed his son while he is alive.

Honey Berry admitted that she had no idea Portable was married until she became pregnant with him.

She claimed that the singer wanted his wife, Bewaji, a good woman, to be at odds with her, but she refused and has been keeping tabs on her.

Warning him to respect himself, she threatened to end his career by spilling all his dirt.

“I shouldn’t be doing a video for you ’cause I get sense pass you. Bring money, so I can take care of your son, my father can’t be the one taking care of him. For almost 4/5 months now you haven’t sent money. Take care of your son cause if I spill everything, your career will end.

Go and check his Instagram posts from the beginning, he was always posting about me. He posted me first before his now wife. He didn’t tell me he was married till when I was pregnant. Me and your wife have settled our issues and you want to escalate things.

Your wife is a good girl, despite how you tried stopping her from chatting with me, she still chats with me.

Na man you be respect yourself”.