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Video: “All is fraud and cheating” — Angry Ijebu calls out AMVCA [Video]



Olatayo Amokade, better known by his stage name Ijebu, is a well-known Nollywood actor. He has resorted to social media to express his displeasure with the AMVCA organizers, accusing them of using unjust methods in the selection of award winners.

Ijebu is heard yelling “ojoro,” which is translated to “fraud” in English, in a video that has since gone viral. It appears that she is criticizing the recently finished award event.

Ijebu didn’t address the AMVCA directly, but he made an allusion to them by stating how Femi Adebayo’s films didn’t receive any credit, implying that they had been passed over.

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He expressed dissatisfaction that Femi Adebayo’s most recent picture, “Ageshinkole,” in particular, received no honors at the occasion.

Fans as well as individuals in the industry have reacted to the video in a variety of ways.

Some individuals agreed with Ijebu’s allegations of foul play, while others argued that Femi Adebayo’s movie, “Ageshinloke,” might not have garnered enough votes to secure an award at the AMVCA.


One social media user, Simply Fadekemi wrote;

What about Kunle Remi and Ibrahim Chata that was not even nominated? Too bad”.

Another user, Omoolamubo added;

“U can’t say is Ojoro fully bcos award is not really about personality or being a popular actor is about interpretation of the characters in the particular movie example best actor was given to Tobi where chidi mokeme and other top legendary actors are in the same category (2) same in music everyone knows Tiwa is most popular female musician in Nigeria yet Tems got Grammy before bcos of 1 song ,so bro sometimes let put personal interest aside and see things from the true angle”

Essy Gold, another user commented;

“Did you guys vote your own? Until y’all start uniting and doing things in unity it’ll continue to look like ojoro to y’all. I’m sure some of your Yoruba molly people voted the winner. Ẹnu nìkan ni gbogbo yín ni bìtì ajakara, you don’t support one another“.

On the other hand, a user named Ashabi wrote;

Award should be score by a filmmaker not a film watcher , looking at characters interpretation, flexibility and energy , Ageshinkole is far better than that particular movie Dey compare it with gan”

Responding to the debate, Oritse Kemi added;

“Bro don’t compare Anikulapo to any movie pls no movies stand Anikulapo almost everyone in Nigeria watch it Agesinkule is Yoruba how many Igbo or Hausas hear Yoruba”

The allegations raised by Ijebu have ignited discussions surrounding transparency and fairness in the AMVCA awards, with fans expressing diverse opinions on the matter.

As the current scenario develops, it is unclear whether the AMVCA organizers will respond to the actor from Nollywood’s concerns and take action to guarantee a more inclusive and fair selection procedure in subsequent presentations of the esteemed award ceremony.