United Capital PLC launches Series III issuance of its infrastructure fund

United Capital Plc, a leading investment management and financial services group, has announced the launch of its Infrastructure Fund Series III Issuance of up to 10 billion, under the 150 billion Shelf Programme.

This follows the successes of the first two issuances, which garnered substantial subscriptions and positive feedback from investors.

The United Capital Infrastructure Fund (UCIF) was conceptualized to address the critical infrastructure deficit in Nigeria.

By pooling resources from investors, the fund aims to invest in high-impact projects across various sectors including transportation, power, renewable energy, agriculture, healthcare, telecommunications and more.

Through these investments, UCIF seeks to finance bankable infrastructure and infrastructure-related opportunities, companies, and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) across various sectors. Through the Fund, investors are able to invest in commercially viable and sustainable development projects, thereby contributing significantly to the infrastructure development of Nigeria.

The Fund, which is managed by United Capital Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of United Capital Plc, provides investment opportunities in de-risked infrastructure assets that can generate stable long-term income for its investors.

Speaking on the value of the fund, Uchenna Mkparu, Chief Investment Officer and Fund Manager, at United Capital Infrastructure Fund, said

“We are delighted to launch Series III of our Infrastructure Fund. The success of our previous issuances demonstrates the trust our investors have in our investment appraisal, due diligence and governance processes. We are confident that our Series III offering will continue to deliver attractive returns for our investors. Most importantly, we are eager to continue in our commitment to making a tangible impact on Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape, through investments in sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure”

The United Capital Infrastructure Fund adopts a robust investment process, which includes an independent review by the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), and rigorous risk management processes to ensure that risk is minimized to meet the expected returns.

The Series III issuance will close on July 10, 2024.



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