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UK: Suella Braverman admits country has ‘failed to control borders,’ but blames the illegals



British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has managed to incur the wrath of globalists, including George Soros, for telling the truth about what she termed the “invasion” of migrants coming into the country via the English Channel by the tens of thousands. They originate mostly from Africa and the Middle East, arrive in France, and then make their way into the UK.

Her efforts are admirable, but the outstanding question remains whether Rishi Sunak will support those efforts beyond lip service. Lip service is the preferred action of the Conservative Party since the days of the failed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and before that. While Braverman is being grilled by MPs, surely some individual or group is behind the party’s constant waffling over the issue.

When pressed further on exactly whose fault it was, Braverman answered:

“I tell you who’s at fault. It’s very clear who’s at fault. It’s the people who are breaking our rules, coming here illegally, exploiting vulnerable people and trying to reduce the generosity of the British people. That’s who’s at fault.”

Then stop them. Braverman’s answer is a cop-out. It is the responsibility of the British government to protect the interests of its citizens. Currently, Britain has in effect put up a big welcome sign for more illegals to enter the country via the English Channel.

“Braverman admits UK ‘failed to control borders’ as Tory MP erupts at her in tense grilling,” by Katie Harris, Express, November 24, 2022:

Suella Braverman today admitted the Government has failed to control the UK’s borders. The Home Secretary made the comments as she was grilled by MPs on the Home Affairs Committee for the first time since her appointment.

Ms Braverman has come under fire in recent weeks over Channel migrant crossings and overcrowded conditions at the Manston processing centre.

But the Home Secretary insisted she and PM Rishi Sunak were “absolutely determined” to get a grip on the crisis as she appeared before MPs on Wednesday.

Tory MP Lee Anderson said: “We’re putting more (asylum seekers) in hotels because the Home Office has failed to control our borders and it’s not fit for purpose at the moment.”

She replied: “We have failed to control our borders, yes. That’s why the Prime Minister and myself are absolutely determined to fix this problem.”

Ms Braverman was also repeatedly questioned over where the fault lies for the recent problems at Manston in Kent, where at one point around 4,000 people were being detained for weeks at a site intended to hold 1,600 for a matter of days.

The former military airfield near Ramsgate stood empty on Tuesday after everyone held there was moved into hotels but it has been dogged by controversy in recent weeks.

The Home Secretary told MPs: “I’m not going to point the finger of blame at any one person. It’s not as simple as that.”

Asked again, she said: “Listen, I don’t think it’s helpful to point the finger of fault at anyone.”

Pressed further, she said: “I tell you who’s at fault. It’s very clear who’s at fault. It’s the people who are breaking our rules, coming here illegally……