Ugezu Ugezu knocks Nigerians who compel guests to pay for food at their parties

Nigerian filmmaker and actor Ugezu Ugezu has spoken out against Nigerians who organize parties and enforce a practice of guests paying for food.

In a recent video posted on his Instagram page, the acclaimed actor expressed dismay over Nigerians adopting foreign practices without consideration.

Ugezu UgezuUgezu Ugezu
Ugezu J. Ugezu.

He recounted a situation in Onitsha where a friend attended a party and the host demanded that all adults pay for their meals, exempting children.

Ugezu emphasized that this practice contradicts Nigerian customs, where it’s traditionally unacceptable to invite guests to a celebration and charge them for food. He captioned the video: “It is not everything that we must learn.”

See reactions from online users

nilobrawn said: “Maybe we should learn to be flexible in adaptations. The car you all are buying and driving is not your culture and not from your forefathers”

teensgram noted: “One thing I love about this man is, he’s so culturally oriented and he always tries to pass down his knowledge to everyone around both the young and old.”

cerriaanne said: “Yes economy is hard but no one is forcing you to host parties.. It’s ok to solicit for support but why make it mandatory for people to pay for food in your party..”

osatodac said: “No kuku invite us, make I dey house jeje dey drink garri, at least I know say I no waste transport”



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