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Ugandan lady shares how a woman has to be able to smear cement before she can get married



A Ugandan lady has shared how every woman who wants to get married in her place must be able to smear cement.

The lady made a video which she posted on Tiktok, on her account, @africannyako2, where she explained with evidence.

In the video, she can be seen smearing the floor with a cement while advising ladies who like to prioritize slaying.

According to her, it is a custom that every woman who intends to get married must be able to smear a house with cement.

Ugandan lady shares how a woman has to be able to smear cement before you can get married
The Ugandan lady cementing the floor.

After marriage, the mother-in-law will ask you to smear a house and failure to do it well will significantly reduce your dowry.

She encourages all women in her hometown to learn as well rather than keep slaying to keep up appearances.

See Netizens reactions:

@jjzz70 questioned: Is the mother in law the one marrying you?

@popcorn wrote: “that marriage can go, I can’t be a wife and a wife’s responsibilities are high and at the same time be a bricklayer to smeer the house.”

@billionaire asked: “please tell me which country is this before I risk my heart coz there’s no way am touching that”

@N E S S A???? reacted: “Sorry but my siblings will literally ground me if they catch me kneeling down in someone’s house smearing cement. Have a good life tho ???? much love ????”

@Presja asked: “And now exactly what does the future husband has to do to prove he’s worthy of you.”

Watch video here…


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