Triplets launch search for one husband to marry them all

Beautiful Ghanaian triplets have publicly announced their shared desire to marry the same man and live together under one roof.

The announcement, shared on the popular social media platform TikTok and subsequently gone viral, has left many in disbelief.

Described as beautiful and inseparable, the triplets emphasized their deep bond and stated their desire to share a husband who can financially support their communal lifestyle.

They clarified that while they are not specifically seeking wealth, financial capability is a prerequisite for any potential suitor.

“We are seriously looking for a man who would marry us together, if, in the olden days, a chief could marry three wives, then a rich man should also be able to marry us. We are not specifically looking for a rich man, however, the man must be capable of providing for our needs,” the triplet said in part.

When asked how they intended to share the man in terms of their emotional needs, the triplets said they would create a daily schedule for him to attend to each one of them on a rotational basis.

Netizens Reactions…

@Obaayaa said: “Yes my great grand mother’s were triplets they married a chief in Ghana here.”

@Susan said: “buy one get two freeeeeee.”

@I’m for Cheddar reacted: “oh God help me get money. Good things are passing by me.”

@the man commented: “This is why I need money badly perfect opportunity.”

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