Tourism: Won’t you join those discovering Taraba every day?

By Emmanuel Bello

Everyone is dreaming of going to Taraba state these days. Investors want to take advantage of the friendly business atmosphere encouraged by the amiable helmsman, Dr Agbu Kefas. A cosmopolitan minded persona, Kefas is an ex soldier at home with all tribes and tongues. For a man who spent most of his active combatant life in the creeks of the Niger Delta, keeping the peace and fostering unity, Dr. Kefas is open to the world. Urbane and well schooled, Kefas is a citizen of the universe with partners around the globe.

The governor has brought that star power to the somewhat backwater state. His friends are now troopiing into Jalingo, our beautiful state capital. Business men, investors, corporate bodies and men, and women of means are starting to take the state seriously.

Kefas himself is not leaving anyone in doubt. With a courtesy call to virtually every military formation in Abuja and to almost all embassies, the Colonel turned politician is re- introducing the state into national and international reckoning.

The efforts are paying off. Every day, top-level investors from around the world troop into Jalingo via the Overland airline to discover opportunities. When the Chinese are not visiting, expatriates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other global bodies are around to discuss prospects in solid minerals, education, health, and other areas.

Tourists are also waltzing into Taraba to discover the beauties of the Mambilla Plateau or the bounties of the Nwonyo Fishing festival recently resurrected by Governor Kefas Taraba is a tourist, haven. New hotels and relaxation spots are springing up every day.

Coming into Taraba itself had been made easy. Kefas started off by ensuring the Danbaba Suntai Airport is in the best shape to offer landing space to planes. Engaging key engineers in the sector, the governor ensured that the airport meets all known standards of aviation.

Today, three solid flights can bring anyone around the world to Taraba via Overland. Efficient and very professional, Overland ensures first-class services of the travel sector. Abuja to Jalingo is about an hour – a feat that has overcome time and space. And excuses! Connecting to the Mambilla Plateau – a bona-fide paradise on Earth – takes less than six hours with good roads.

A military brand ambassador, the former Army Colonel, Dr Agbu Kefas, is ensuring all-around security in the state. This has made Taraba safe for trips and all kinds of business activities. The metropolis itself bears all the signs of changes: good roads, street lights, better housing estates, modern bus stops, and a sprawling trade fair center.

Effective government policies like the free education scheme, workers’ welfare, and youth employment opportunities have changed the Taraba landscape totally. Won’t you rather visit our state?


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