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Top Three Worst Injuries In Football Of All Time



In the world of football, where passion meets intensity, moments of triumph are often paired with tales of heartbreak. In this article, we embark on a somber journey through the annals of the sport to uncover the top three worst injuries in football of all time. These are the incidents that left spectators gasping, players in agony, and the entire footballing world in disbelief.

3. Ryan Mason

Mason is one of the few soccer stars that weren’t lucky enough to return to the field of play after his head injury in 2017 due to the risk associated with the injury. The former Hull City midfielder was forced to retire from the game, having taken medical advice. Mason suffered a fractured skull to his head that required swift surgery after clashing his head with Chelsea’s former center-back Gary Cahill. After the clash of heads between both players, the midfielder undergoes successful surgery on his head and thereafter went through a rehabilitation process for the rest of the season in an attempt to return to the pitch which couldn’t happen as he went into coaching.

2. Henrik Larsson

One of Sweden’s biggest and best-ever stars, Henrik Larsson suffered a severe injury while playing for Celtic, breaking his leg in two places during a UEFA Cup tie against Lyon in 1999. A recovery period of eight months saw Larsson return to action, stunningly regaining his previous form and achieving numerous accolades including winning the Golden Boot. Despite the fact that Larsson was able to get back out onto the pitch, the horrific nature of his injury cannot be forgotten.

1. Patrick Battiston

Patrick Battiston, a French footballer best known for the 1982 semi-final World Cup, blurred the World Cup. The French defender was bumped with West German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher. The brutal blow to Schumacher’s shoulder knocked Battiston unconscious and left him with torn vertebrae and broken teeth. Patrick Battiston’s injury was so severe that he was given oxygen on the pitch. He made a full recovery after five months of rehabilitation and treatment.

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