Media personality Toke Makinwa has shared her achievement 12 days into 2022 but she has a long way to go before she can be able to boast about achieving that this year.


She decided to let the world know that since the year 2022 begun, she hasn’t slept with any man and though it’s an achievement to not have s.3x for days, just being able to do it 12 days out of 365 days shows she has a long way to go.

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According to her, if it’s easy not to knack for 12 days then whoever thinks so should also try it but we believe she has a long way to go before she can boast about something like that.

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This post of Toke Makinwa also suggests that she likes knacking hence not doing that for more than a week now seems to be an achievement for her but she seems to have forgotten that she has a long way to go.

Or ot might also be that she wants to get those curious about her romantic life off her back since it appears some people are more interested in who services her and how she uses her vajayjay than the work she’s doing.

Screenshot below;