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Tinubu should not spare non-preforming ministers – AYCF chief, Yerima Shettima



In an exclusive interview with THE PUNCH, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, the President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (ACF), has shed light on the turbulent aftermath of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria.

He also called on Tinubu not to spare any of his minister who is not preforming well.

Shettima, a voice of reason and experience, unveiled a series of crucial steps that should have been taken before the subsidy removal. His wisdom serves as a guide for the Federal Government on what could have been done differently.

First and foremost, Shettima stressed the urgent need to address the dire state of Nigeria’ s refineries. Despite previous administrations declaring states of emergency to breathe life into these vital facilities, the promises have evaporated into thin air. Shettima asserts that functional refineries should have been an absolute priority.

One of the most striking points Shettima made was about the insatiable demands of members of the National Assembly.

Shettima boldly suggests reducing the extravagant convoys of state governors, which currently consist of a jaw- dropping 50 to 60 vehicles, down to a much more reasonable five to six cars. And he doesn’ t stop there; he recommends a similar trim for the President’ s extensive fleet of vehicles. These reductions, he argues, would set a precedent for fiscal responsibility.

But it doesn’ t end with the motorcades. Shettima takes aim at the generous allowances enjoyed by our legislators. He calls for a comprehensive review and significant slashing of these allowances to a fraction of their current amounts. His critique is valid, considering the high monthly incomes of legislators, who currently earn more than N12 million. Shettima proposes reducing their earnings to a more realistic range of N1 million to N2 million per month.

In a nation where every naira counts, Shettima’ s proposals are a breath of fresh air. He’ s advocating for a Nigeria where leadership leads by example, where the priorities align with the needs of the people, and where financial prudence is the norm.

He said: ” Let us begin to see that the convoy of 50 to 60 cars by governors is reduced to maybe between five and six. I don’ t understand this convoy they carry along at the expense of the taxpayers’ monies. They should reduce it. Let us begin to see the massive convoy on the President’ s fleet also reduced.

” Then, let us begin the see or hear the National Assembly, reducing the bogus allowances they collect and cut it down to a quarter. These are people taking home more than N12m per month. Let them reduce it to N1m or N2m.

” That’ s sacrifice, and not when they look at the faces of Nigerians just because they want to abuse their sensibility, they will come up with the idea of the common language of blackmailing Nigerians that it is time to make sacrifice.

” Why should the common man make sacrifices when the legislators are not willing to also make sacrifices? Whose interest are they protecting at the National Assembly? So, these are some of the things that I expect them to begin to do to encourage Nigerians to say ‘ Yes, this is a critical period that all hands must be on deck because it takes two to tango. ‘ “

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