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Tinubu: Nigeria Is Not Paying Subsidy To Marketers; There Are People Involved In The Fraud – Dumebi



The Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the February 25, 2023 Presidential election, Dumebi Kachikwu, has disclosed that contrary to popular belief, Nigeria has not been providing financial assistance to petroleum marketers. He suggested that there are individuals in positions of power who are engaged in fraudulent activities.

Kachikwu stated, “President Bola Tinubu received a forewarning of the impending situation. It is crucial to comprehend that this administration inherited a precarious situation. Since day one, we have anticipated the challenges faced by a Presidency that is embroiled in court disputes and surrounded by allegations of impropriety, as perpetuated by our public relations specialists. Now, only a week into this administration, we are witnessing the commencement of a crisis. We acknowledge the existence of individuals involved in this fraudulent network.”

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During an interview on Arise Television, Kachikwu revealed the method employed by the NNPC to distribute petroleum products to marketers at a subsidized rate. He disclosed that the Nigerian government has not been directly providing financial assistance to marketers. Instead, he asserted that these marketers, who purchase petroleum products at a reduced rate from the NNPC, have been diverting them to Benin Republic, Niger, Sudan, and other countries, rather than ensuring their availability within Nigeria.

Kachikwu insinuated that these marketers receive assistance from influential figures within the government. He urged Tinubu to investigate these marketers and hold them accountable for their actions. Furthermore, he emphasized that subsidy should not be permanently eliminated in Nigeria.

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Source : YouTube, Arise TV.

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