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Tinubu: ‘If Kenya Allowed Live Broadcast, What Is The So-called Giant Of Africa Hiding?’ -Farotimi



The Election Petition Tribunal denied the Labour Party and People’s Democratic Party request for a live broadcast of the court proceedings of the petition filed against the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. A Member of the Obidatti campaign council, Dele Farotimi has alleged that the judges had denied Nigeria a significant chance of making progress. 

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Although he acknowledges the fact that live televising has never been allowed in the Nigeria court, he, however, noted that this is a desirable culture that could be imbibed. He pointed out that if Kenya could achieve this with their election cases, then Nigeria should be able to achieve that as well. 

He said, ”The truth is that live televising is not something that has been allowed in our court but that is not to suggest that it is not desirable. It’s done all over the world, Kenya did it. Why should it be, such a big deal for us? We love pointing out for example all over the world but that is because we have been left behind by everyone in the world. If Kenya allowed live broadcast, what is the so-called Giant of Africa hiding? If we are truly desirous of being members of the human community. We have to start acting human. And humanity says, when there are opportunities for progress, you make progress.” 

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