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The Woman Who Appeared to Her Husband at His Own Funeral Service.



It was a great uproar during the funeral service of late Mrs Victoria in warri Delta state where the decreased appear to her husband in broad daylight.

The funeral service was put into a disorderly manner as many attendees ran Helter skelter because of the mysterious appearance of the late madam Victoria.

According to an eye witness late Mrs Victoria appeared to the husband and they spoke one on one, but no body heard of their subject of discussion.

Few minutes later she departed and people ran to the husband to know what the late wife came to tell him. He replied that he cannot disclosed it to anybody.

As the funeral service was going on the husband was seeing talking to an invisible person believe to be his late wife.As a member of the redeemed christian church of God. They decided to stop the funeral service half way due to the strange behaviour of the husband.

Some traditionalist took over and decided to know the mystery behind it because it was strange for the dead to reappear and disappear. They invited people that are spiritually knowledgeable and the Spiritualist in charge of MOTHER QUEEN SPIRITUAL HOME, PHONE AND WHATSAPP 0812, 093, 4575 was invited.

The spiritualist consulted the gods of the land and told the people that the husband know the secret of the late wife Mrs Victoria.

At this juncture,all questions were channelled to the husband who subsequently confessed that he use the wife for money ritual.

In his confession,he decided to used her to set the family Free of poverty as they cannot train any of the children beyond secondary education.

Family members of late Victoria grew annoyed and invited the police to arrest their in- law almost immediately. They ordered for the immediate burial of their late daughter and the congregation departed.


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