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“The type of women seen with Yhemolee and Carter Efe are the ones money can buy” – VeryDarkMan alleges



Following the much-publicized separation of Nigerian musician Yhemolee and his now-ex-girlfriend amid allegations of adultery, social media critic Verydarkman has slammed the socialite.

Yhemolee, who had left his relationship with his partner, accused her of participating in financial ties with married men.

This revelation sparked a flurry of social media replies, with Verydarkman using the chance to slam the socialite’s lifestyle and the ladies linked with it.

Verydarkman makes fun of Yhemolee’s relationship problems and infidelity charges.

Verydarkman came to Instagram to express his thoughts on the situation. In his article, he insulted Yhemolee and pulled Carter Efe, the CEO of EH Records, into the debate.

Verydarkman said that the women observed around personalities like Yhemolee are largely attracted to men who can afford expensive lifestyles.

He went on to say that these women engage in a “social class climb,” suggesting that they are drawn to people who lack substance but can give a flashy and affluent lifestyle.

Verydarkman was blunt in his assertion that 90% of women in Lagos are gold diggers.

In his own words;

“Yhemolee, remember when I talk say if I change clothes, I go knack hin babe; people think say I dey cap. The kind of babes people like that Yhemolee dey get na those kind of girls wey money fit buy. And once they see say someone else fit pay them more, dem go move. Now you see say Yhemolee’s babe don leave am go knack married men.”

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