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The Dramatic Story of a Nigerian Pastor Caught Cheating with a Married Church Member



It was a great uproar at the premises of a new generation church in Umuahia Abia state where a 45 years old pastor was caught red handed by his trouble some wife when he was . making to married woman.

The pastor who was suspected having secret affairs with the woman long ago blame devil for the act. According to the pastor, he started having sex with the woman for over three years for almost every four days.

He decided to put a stop to it when his wife suspected him and fought against the woman to desist from been too close to her husband. The woman stopped for a while, but later visited him for the continuation of their sexual activities. He wanted to resist her, but couldn’t do so for the fear of the unknown.

The pastor’s wife went further to warned the husband who is not a member of the church to give serious warning to his wife not to come closer to the pastor. The man wanted to know more deeper about the warning, but the pastor’s wife left without giving any reason.

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The warning infuriated the husband of the woman and went to the pastor and complained about the warning given to him by his wife. The pastor who is very skillful in handling situation of this nature appealled to the husband not to be deterred about his wife behaviour because she is jealous of any body coming around him.

The pastor wife went to Queen Mother Spiritual home phone +237, 0812, 0934, 575. The pastor’s wife told the Spiritualist to assist her with power that can reveal the secret affairs of her husband with another married woman.

The Spiritualist gave her list of what she will buy to carry out the assignment. She went to the spiritual shop and bought them for the operation.

The Spiritualist gave her a spiritual necklace that will give sign whenever her husband is having secret affairs with the woman. She went home awaiting for the necklace to give sign. One Sunday evening after service hours. Her necklace was shaking without stopping. She quickly recalled that this may be the sign the Spiritualist was talked about and went straight to her husband private room in the church where she caught her husband red handed.

The pastor was caught having a good time with the woman live for over 5 minutes without seeing his wife who was watching at the entrance of the room.

As she shouted for help the whole people living around the area came to see the pastor and the promiscuous woman pleaded for forgiveness. The husband heard about it and ran to the church and discovered his wife and the pastor were beggining with their bodies laying flat on the ground.

He asked for what happened and he was officially informed by the people how his wife was caught having sexual activity with the pastor. He became annoyed and left the church premises .

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