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The Doctor Took Money And Caused Them To Lose Their Only Child, Now They Seek Revenge.



In a heartbreaking turn of events, the only child of a wealthy and influential politician in Plateau state fell gravely ill and was admitted to a private hospital. Despite a grim diagnosis of a terminal illness, the doctor reassured the parents that their son would recover, exploiting their desperation and continuously demanding exorbitant sums of money for treatment. Unknown to the parents, an earlier suggestion by a traditional healer to seek spiritual intervention was ignored in favor of the promise of modern medicine.

As the weeks went by, the child’s condition deteriorated rapidly, rendering him unable to communicate or respond. Eventually, the doctor admitted that the situation had become dire and suggested seeking examination at a traditional home. This sparked a heated argument between the father and the doctor, but the father ultimately decided to take his child to Dr. Ohanu’s spiritual home+23480, 8807, 7395.

Tragically, upon arrival at Dr. Ohan’s spiritual home, the child passed away. Filled with anger and grief, the parents confronted the doctor for their wasted money and lack of action in saving their child’s life. Seeking revenge, the father turned to Dr. Ohanu for assistance, only to be redirected to alternative spiritual homes. Dr. Ohanu explained that seeking revenge through him was not possible and emphasized that no medical doctor could have cured the illness. He highlighted the healing and deliverance experienced by many under his care, suggesting that the parents had chosen to prioritize costly medical treatment over proven spiritual remedies.

Following the incident, reports emerged that the doctor had fled the hospital due to fear of consequences. However, later accounts confirmed that the doctor returned with the police to ensure order and arrange for the deposition of the child’s remains.

This tragic story raises profound questions regarding misplaced trust in traditional medicine and the ethical conduct of medical professionals.