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Thanksgiving is Racist and Kills Gay People



“Some, like Ms Smith, recognise 24 November as National Day of Mourning.”

It’s time for us to gather around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends, to eat turkey, pumpkin pie and make bad jokes. To forget the tension and the madness around us and to give thanks to the Creator.

But the Left has a better idea…

“It’s a short distance from your Thanksgiving table jokes to queer people being shot dead” – Baptist Global News

Okay then.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the claim that America is an evil racist country and that Thanksgiving kills gay people. How? Stop asking.

And if Americans eat on Thanksgiving, leftists, like the petulant vicious children they are, will refuse to eat.

As many Americans prepare for a massive holiday meal, the setting sun on Thanksgiving’s eve will mark the last time Kisha James eats for nearly 24 hours.

She will not be in the kitchen basting a turkey, baking macaroni and cheese, or sprinkling sugar on pies either. Ms James will be in mourning.

For her, the day is a painful reminder of an ugly chapter in American history; a symbol of empty promises, a story whose retelling tends to gloss over the undesirable details of colonisation.

“It’s frustrating. It’s saddening,” said Ms James, a member of the Wampanoag tribe, who lives in Massachusetts. “Some years it’s angering.”

Instead of referring to the holiday as Thanksgiving, some, like Ms Smith, recognise 24 November as National Day of Mourning. It has been celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts every year since 1970.

If you think that within a decade, the lefties who hate this country an wear identity politics as a shield won’t turn Thanksgiving into a National Day of Mourning, remember that Columbus Day has been replaced in states across the country.

Also, it will probably not surprise you too much to learn that Kisha looks as Indian as Elizabeth Warren.

But if you don’t like the Nakba-ization of Thanksgiving through the National Day of Mourning, try ‘Thankstaking’, it’s the same thing but slightly more clever.

“Thankstaking,” the Native American-influenced alternative to Thanksgiving, has become more noticeable in the U.S. amid a racial reckoning.

National Day of Mourning became an annual event and coincided with Un-Thanksgiving Day — a similar ceremony held on Alcatraz Island in California.

The whole point of Thanksgiving was to thank G-d. Lefties, incapable of believing in G-d, instead hijack it to spew hate at America while rejecting the concept of Thanksgiving.

Un-Thanksgiving Day indeed.