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Sweden: Court seals photos of Muslim migrant rapists so they won’t be ‘exposed to the disrespect of others’



What is Sweden going to be like in five years? Ten?

“Court of Appeal: Rapists ‘become exposed to the disrespect of others,’” translated from “Hovrätten: Våldtäktsmän ”blir utsatta för andras missaktning,” Samnytt, March 27, 2023:

The three men who earlier this month were convicted of robbing and raping prostitutes in Malmö risk being exposed to others’ disrespect. That is what the Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge thinks.

The background is that the Malmö district court decided to seal photos of the three men taken by the police in connection with the police investigation. This is to protect the integrity of the convicted men.

Samnytt has appealed the decision and believes that “all mugshots and other pictures of the defendant … taken by the police or other authorities” must be released.

On Monday, the Court of Appeal over Skåne and Blekinge will announce its verdict. All images of one of the defendants are released because an unmasked image of him has already been released by the court.

However, pictures of two of the other convicts, Mohamad Nahel Abo Amer and Ibrahim Abou Amer, are classified. Both men are Syrian citizens who have been sentenced to prison and deportation for several robberies and rapes.

The Court of Appeal refers to the risk that one of the rapists will be “exposed to the disrespect of others” if pictures of them are spread. “The very fact that some people know about a task that is delicate for an individual can in many cases be considered enough to entail but. The starting point for an assessment of whether but exists is the person concerned’s own experience,” the court continues its reasoning.

The decision to protect the three rapists from public contempt is made by four female lawyers. Even in the district court, it was a female lawyer who refused to release the images.