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Street hawker relocates to UK; her transformation causes buzz (Video)



A Ghanaian lady has inspired viewers with her inspirational journey from life as a street hawker in Ghana to her thriving existence after relocating to the UK.

In a recent video posted on the popular social media platform, she participated in the “then-and-now challenge,” showcasing her remarkable transformation and newfound sucess.

The TikTok clip, set to the backdrop of Joyce Blessing’s hit song “Victory,” paints a vivid picture of her incredible journey.

In the initial scenes, she is seen working as a street hawker in Ghana, her facial expressions revealing the financial struggles she endured.

As the video unfolds, it documents her journey to the United Kingdom and her current reality, which stands in stark contrast to her earlier struggles.

"Forever grateful, Lord" - Street hawker relocates to UK after receiving Visa; her transformation causes a buzz (Video)

In the present day, she radiates happiness and appears to be relishing every moment of her life, evident from her beaming smile and her fashionable attire.

Social media users have flooded the comments section with messages of support and congratulations

Netizens Reactions…

@Nana Adwoa stated; “I pray my passport will be useful.”

@jxkhalmenanayaa commented; “I tap into your blessings.”

@faustinaarcher579 said; “it shall surely be my turn.”

@adrielnjambi reacted: “I tap into the testimony.”

@Doreen replied; “congratulations dear, I tap into this beautiful blessing Amen.” 

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