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Some Joke: Insufferable Jane Fonda Really Did Call for the Murder of Pro-Lifers



New in PJ Media:

It was all a joke, she says. After igniting a firestorm by calling for the murder of pro-lifers on The View Friday, Hanoi Jane Fonda issued a statement: “While women’s reproductive rights are a very serious issue and extremely important to me, my comment on The View was obviously made in jest. My body language and tone made it clear to those in the room – and to anyone watching – that I was using hyperbole to make a point.” Except that it obviously wasn’t clear to anyone present. Fonda was speaking seriously; her declaration only became a joke when it became clear to her that she had crossed a red line.

Video of Fonda’s appearance on The View shows that she made even the Leftist hysterics of The View uncomfortable, and they immediately began trying to explain her remarks away, which no one would have done if Fonda’s “jest” had been obvious. What Fonda was actually doing, albeit unwittingly, was revealing (as if we needed more confirmation of it) the dark heart of the pro-abortion Left.

Fonda began it all by saying: “We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our body, of being able to determine when and how many children to have. We know what that feels like. We know what that’s done for our lives. We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.” Jane Fonda is 85 years old, sounds twice that age, and is not in any danger of being forced to have a child, but of course she is selflessly looking out for the ability of younger women to sacrifice their children to Moloch.

Sunny Hostin, the unrepentant racist who has called white women “roaches,” responded to Fonda’s defiance by saying, “That’s the activist speaking, and then — and, she probably will get a Nobel Prize very, very, very soon.” Picking up on Hostin’s subtle hint of mockery, Fonda, wide-eyed, insisted: “But it’s the truth! It, it is the truth. We’re not gonna do it. We’re gonna fight.” Behar then asked Fonda: “Besides marching and, and protesting, what else do you suggest?”

That was when Fonda said: “Well, I love murder.” The NewsBusters transcript has “Well, it does involve murder,” but I’ve played it over and over and it certainly sounds to me as if Fonda says, “Well, I love murder.” And, well, of course she does, because that’s what abortion is. But there was a lot of cross-talk and so it’s possible that Fonda said something else, but the “murder” part was unmistakable. Lily Tomlin was among those who weren’t sure of what they had heard, so she asked Fonda, “What did you say?” Fonda responded unequivocally: “Murder.”

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