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She Encounters Him At The Bar Unaware That He Is In A Relationship With Her Mother.



A beautiful and classical lady is deeply in love with a man without knowing he is also in a serious relationship with her mother.

The lady popularly called Bidemi has already decided to marry the guy and they have taken oath not to disappoint each other. They both have finished preparation to go for introduction before the unexpected happened..

According to the Lady she decided to concretize the relationship with the guy after spending three years as lovers as a result of previous disappointment with men after promising her heaven and earth.

The guy who was hundred percent ready decided to take her to Dr Ohanu Healing Home+23480, 8807, 7395 for more assurance of their marriage, where the secret of having relationship with someone closed to her was unveiled after the oath has been taken.

The Spiritualist asked her boyfriend whether he is in relationships with any body close to Lady Bidemi and he answered No. He repeated the question three times, but the answer from her guy proved No.

Since an oath has been taken by both of them. she was not too bother about any secret affair her boyfriend is having with anybody. If there is anything like that he cannot drag her to take oath.


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