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Sharia in action in Afghanistan: Woman flogged for going shopping without male guardian



The prohibition on women going out without a male guardian is not the Taliban’s invention. It’s basic, mainstream Sharia: “The husband may forbid his wife to leave the home…because of the hadith related by Bayhaqi that the Prophet…said, ‘It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to allow someone into her husband’s house if he is opposed, or to go out of it if he is averse” (Reliance of the Traveller m10.4).

“Afghanistan: Woman Flogged For Going To Shop Without Male Guardian,” Outlook, December 2, 2022:

A woman in Afghanistan was seen being brutally flogged in public for allegedly flouting the Taliban’s conservative rule that prohibits women from going to shops without a male guardian.

In an almost two-minute video clip, posted on Twitter by a user named Shabnam Nasimi, reportedly from the Takhar province, the woman can be seen being whipped.

“The women of Afghanistan are experiencing hell on earth under Taliban regime. We mustn’t turn a blind eye,” Shabnam Nasimi wrote along with the video.

Last week, three women and 11 men were flogged following the orders of an Afghan court after they were found guilty of theft and “moral crimes”, it was reported.

Those being punished received between 21 and 39 lashes each, after being convicted in a local court of theft and adultery, reports said adding that hundreds of people attended the lashings and a ban was imposed on taking photos and video.

The resumption of the practice underscored the Taliban’s intention of sticking to their strict interpretation of Islamic law, or Sharia. Supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada also ordered judges last month to fully enforce aspects of Islamic law that include public executions and floggings….