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Shanghai Cooperation Organization showcases growing ties of China, Russia, Turkey and Iran



For years, conservative pundits have been warning about the red-green axis, i.e. the Leftist/Marxist alliance with Islam.

The Left collaborated with Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operatives to infiltrate North America, despite the documented MB stratagem of infiltration. Throughout the UK and EU, the same pattern can be noted.

Internationally, the red-green axis has significantly strengthened since Biden came to power, as the world realigns in America’s absence. Eight months ago, “Iran, Russia, and China were holding their third joint naval drill in the northern Indian Ocean.” Now the emergence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a major development.

Most significant is that Turkey, a NATO member although Erdogan’s ambitions for a revived Ottoman Empire is no secret, is seeking full membership to the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The new global shift in alliances not only excludes America but also has impact upon Israel’s security, particularly with Russia tightening relations with Iran via the SCO. Also, the two countries have been cementing a trade alliance with grain, drones and satellites. Yet “Israel has found itself at odds with Russia as it increasingly supports Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.” The Israeli population is divided almost half and half on whether to see Russia as an enemy; 20,500 of Russia’s estimated Jewish population of 165,000 Jews have left Russia to live in Israel since March.

On Sunday, Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla brazenly condemned “constant Israeli incursions into Syrian territory,” calling them a violation of international law. Cuba’s foreign minister showed no interest in Israel’s need to defend itself by targeting hostile Iran-backed militias in Syria. 

Now Putin is being advised by TV presenter and highly influential propagandist Vladimir Solovyov “to create an international coalition’ with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran and North Korea to avoid defeat.”

“Russia, Turkey, Iran, China showcase growing ties at confab,” by Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post, September 18, 2022:

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) showcased the rise of China, Russia, Turkey and Iran as an emerging bloc of countries. While the SCO is ostensibly a group of states that includes most of the countries of Central Asia; the role of Turkey and Iran this year was of greater importance than in the Past. Turkish social media was full of posts showing Turkey’s President meeting with Russia’s leader; as well as speaking with other authoritarian leaders at the SCO summit in Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, CGTN media reported that “Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday urged Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states to keep the SCO on the right course, deepen cooperation in various fields, and continue to foster a favorable environment for the development and rejuvenation of member states.”

What does the Chinese leader have to say?

The Chinese leader stressed the need for states to work toward security and stability. He spoke after clashes had taken place between Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan; and as Russia continues its war in Ukraine. It appears that this chaos could undermine China’s push for economic success. The Chinese leader said that it’s important for SCO member states to pursue inclusiveness and shared benefits in promoting development cooperation. “Member states should actively promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, ensure the stable and smooth functioning of industrial and supply chains, and encourage the orderly flow of resources and factors of production, so as to realize greater economic integration and development in the region…..

“Turkey Seeks to Be First NATO Member to Join China-Led SCO,” by Baris Balci and Selcan Hacaoglu, Bloomberg, September 17, 2022:

Turkey is seeking membership to the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempts to forge alliances with friendly countries in the East.

Erdogan made the announcement after attending the SCO summit in Uzbekistan on Friday where he held talks with leaders including China’s President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. A successful bid would make Turkey the first member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to join the bloc.

“Our relationship with these countries will be moved to a much different position with this step,” Erdogan said about the SCO when he spoke with reporters in the city of Samarkand where the summit was held, according to Turkish state news agency Anadolu.

His remarks on Turkey’s potential bid to join the SCO came as Erdogan sought, but could not yet secure, a one-on-one meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington after this week’s meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, according to people familiar with the matter. The two may still meet during the UN meeting in NY….