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Scary moment runs girl fainted after 3 men played ritualist prank on her in hotel (Video)



A young lady who engages in body trade has been subjected to a ritualist prank by a group of men who invited her to a hotel.

One of the men reportedly bargained with her to have a nice time and the price was fixed at N15k after which she was given the location.

A hidden camera had been mounted in the hotel room and it captured the moment she walked inside to await her client.

The first thing they did was to carry out a purported lifeless body from the bathroom which made her to become scared.

Moments later, two men dressed in red cloth carried some unknown items and walked into the room.

On seeing them, she quickly jumped in fear and started screaming the name of Jesus. But they rushed her and pinned her to the bed and acted as if they wanted to use her to do money rituals.

Unfortunately, the girl collapsed and it left the men in panic mode so they they tried to wake her up it proved abortive.

One of the men could be seen tapping her and saying it was a prank but she refused to wake. They then poured a bucket of water on her and she came back.

The runs girl was then informed that it’s a prank and she shouted at them saying she does not like such frightening acts.

Watch the video below:

her_xcelncy; And something like this will happen this festive season, y’all be careful out there. JESUS LOVES YOU.

cla_ra_walsh; Ah this is too much 😒This incident will make her repent. She fit even go give thanksgiving for church

jesroland_; Na mumu prank be this, if she pass there go, una go off camera do am lowky, stop this nonsense prank 😡😡😡😡😡

sylvias_bonnets; Behold a soul is won for Christ. She no do again

njuliet89; Unah Dey mad 😡 don’t u all know that some people die out of fear and shock befor the real death happens

chinemeremabigail; From prank now e go turn to another thing… what an expensive prank!🙄