REVEALED!!! How Primate Ayodele Foretold Outcome Of France Election 2024 In ‘Warnings To The Nations’

REVEALED!!! How Primate Ayodele Foretold Outcome Of France Election 2024 In ‘Warnings To The Nations’—-Barely 48 hours after the release of the 30th edition of his annual prophecy book titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’, Primate Ayodele is in the news again for accurately foretelling the outcome of the France legislative election in the newly released edition of the publication.

The election outcome has been described by many as the most shocking development so far in the history of France because President Macron’s party lost woefully in the election and even though no party has won a majority yet, the ruling party has lost its grip. A loose alliance of leftist parties has won the most seats in French legislative elections after a second round of voting.

Meanwhile, on page 402 of Warnings To The Nations (2024/2025) edition, Primate Ayodele accurately noted that the far right party will be thrown into jeopardy because they will lose so many seats in the election.

‘’France Election: The Far-right will put the ruling party in Jeopardy as they will lose so many seats in the parliament.’’

Also on Page 388, Primate Ayodele in his message to President Macron made it known that the people will protest against him in the elections.

‘’Emmanuel Macron will also see a protest against the coming elections, which he will call for. They will protest against him.’’

The loss of the far-right party in the election indicates a huge protest against President Macron as Primate Ayodele noted and it is worthy of note that the compilation of WTN started in March because of its volume. It’s a 435-page prophecy booklet and as such, can’t be fully compiled within weeks. This implies that this prophecy had accurately been written since March.

It would be recalled that Primate Ayodele has been warning President Macron to be careful of some of his policies that will make people go against his government. Just a few months ago, the prophet asked Macron to be careful of some of his decisions.

‘’France: The president will take a decision that will make his government unpopular. He must be careful so that he will not be attacked and lead the soldiers to a war that won’t succeed. The country should be careful against terrorist attacks and shootings. There will be protests against President Macron and I see a religious crisis. France must be watchful against deadly natural disasters. I see workers going on strike, slumping economy.’’

The outcome of the election has no doubt underscored the credibility of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies and the importance of his prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations.’ Apart from Macron, Rishi Sunak whose party also lost majority in the UK parliament was warned in Primate Ayodele’s prophecy book.


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