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Rev. Godfrey Onah Publicly States His Position On Military Coups In Gabon, Niger, Mali & Others



The Catholic Bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, Most Reverend Prof. Godfrey Onah Igwebuike finally commented on the recent military coups happening in Gabon, Niger and other African nations as he publicly aired his stance.

He started by revealing why some African countries are experiencing coups recently as he said, “The satisfied citizens must know how they can choose and change their leaders if the rich and the powerful manipulate the Constitution, manipulate the electoral process, manipulate the Judiciary and attack protesters when they protest unarmed, what other alternatives are left other than what we are seeing today in Africa?”

Revealing his stance on military coup, he said, “We must have clear science and indication about the right way to choose and to change our leaders. I will say this publicly that Military coups are wrong, they don’t solve problems, they only make them worst. The Judiciary is the last hope of the oppressed, let them stand for the truth”.

Video description: watch from (4:48, 5:17)

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