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Regina Daniels Replies A Fan Who Begged Her To Help Pay Her Rent



Due to the advancement of technology, many people have access to the internet and social media for that matter.

There are also the negative sides of social media where people engage in cybercrime and all sorts of nefarious activities to dupe innocent t people.

Some people too resort to social media to beg, they are being labbled¨electronic¨ beggers who take the least chance to beg on the internet.

Regina Daniels

Nigerian actress and film producer, Regina Daniels posted a game on Twitter asking her followers to predict correctly a word of which Drake blocked.

While others were predicting the word, this follower took the opportunity to ask her to pay her rent because she will be ejected from the house soon.

Another user also savagely replied the beggar asking if she must be egging all the time?

She wrote,

¨Helpinng me out with my rent will make my whole year ma, it will uplift me I’m down with the thought of where to stay if eventually they come to force me out.. please help me ma’am I’ve been participating in all your tweets pls help me pls…..

Olamideji Yeji savagely replied,

¨Must you beg…..people sef na ern¨