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Rare video surfaces showing Mohbad and group of boys in Lekki 5 months before his demise



A group of unknown boys had invaded the estate of the late singer Mohbad five months ago in Lekki, Lagos.

Their intentions were to intimidate and bully the artist, creating a tense and threatening atmosphere.

The situation quickly escalated as the individuals confronted Mohbad, resulting in a physical altercation.

The fight had grew intense, requiring the intervention of security personnel to ensure the safety of Mohbad and restore order.

Prompted by the fight at Mohbad’s estate, security personnel swiftly arrived at the scene from the Oba palace at Ilasan.

Their primary objective was to rescue Mohbad from the escalating situation and provide necessary protection.

However, on September 12, Mohbad had passed on leaving netizens with the question of what really went wrong.

@vma alive commented: “He knows a lot.”

@mo_tun_ra_yo_ said: “Na only one person go through all of this.”

@spkiddies said; “God this is just too much , this guy went thru hell when he was alive.”

@ireneonwuka reacted: “Godforbid! Why won’t someone leave with FEAR with this many Men after his life.”

@veevogee commented: “This guy went through a lot. He was intimidated till he breath his last. Every revelation hits differently. Haven’t been this down over someone I don’t know like this guy.”

@iam ladysapphire reacted: “He needed that rest Biko, all I wish is for him to be reburied, too many heartbreaking medias everywhere.”

See the video below: