Pastor Enenche has said that men who let their wives take care of bills in their matrimonial home should stop wearing trousers and wear skirts instead.


The Abuja-based preacher claimed in a previous sermon given in the church’s main hall that a man who avoids his obligations loses his male dominance and does not even deserve to wear trousers but should dress in skirts instead.

He continued by advising prospective couples not to wed those who are only in their lives for the sake of acquiring wealth, property, power, or influence.

According to him, men who wait for their wives to pay house rent, children’s school fees, and buy foodstuffs are no longer men.

”One of the worst things I have seen is when a man is waiting for his wife to pay house rent, waiting for a woman to pay children’s school fees, to buy food in the house.

You are no longer a man then. Pull your trouser and wear skirt. Wear dress, wear gown.

I cannot ask my wife where is your contribution to food money. I can’t..Children school fees what are you bringing…Not now. Before pastoring.”

”But when it gets to the point where the woman is carrying the burden of the home, it is an abomination. ”