Pretty lady celebrates her choice to remain virgin at 22, video sparks reactions

A pretty lady ignites mixed reactions as she celebrates her accomplishment after making it to age 22 as a virgin.

The young lady, @slimm_rae took to the video-sharing app to announce how she had chosen to remain chaste.

Lady Virgin 22Lady Virgin 22
Pretty lady.

She shared a video which captured her pretty looks and noted to netizens that she made it to the age of 22 as a virgin who didn’t engage in any vice.

The lady added that she hasn’t drank any alcohol nor has she smoked.

She captioned the video …

“POV: you made it to 22 as a virgin, still never drank alcohol, or smoked a single time.”

Reacting to negative feedback from netizens, she added …

“You have your personal accomplishments and I have mine. Don’t waste your time commenting under my profile….go work on yourself in the meantime♥️”

@Ezii????❤️ said: “POV: I made it to 22 without tattoos????❤️”

@user9292163505867 wrote: “There is no reward for this”

@BrittanyPromise penned: “good job keep going it’s not worth it I promise you”

@precious shared: “lost mines at 21 ,wasn’t worth it????”

@thehairena said: “25 and I’ve not done any of these. The reward? A CLEAN CONSCIENCE”

@HappilyHadayah remarked: “All praises ! Now keep going until god sends your husband ✨ (not boyfriend)✨”

@pretty_bee???????? wrote: “president General among the nations..”

Watch video below …


A personal acvomplishment????You’re not any less amazing if youve done these things!! #blessedtobealive #birthday #christaintiktok

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