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Portugal: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs to death his English teacher and another Afghan migrant at Ismaili center



We’re told that the attacker has “psychological problems.” That would be a perfectly reasonable explanation were it not for the fact that it is so often used even in obvious cases of jihad violence. As this took place at an Ismaili Shia center, is it possible that the perpetrator was Sunni? Certainly the fact that he was receiving classes at the center would not preclude that; they could have been the English classes that are mentioned in the article. One thing is certain: we’re not going to get any answers to questions of this kind from Portuguese authorities or the establishment media.

“Two dead women and several heroes in a knife attack in a Muslim center in Lisbon,” translated from “Dos mujeres muertas y varios heridos en un ataque con cuchillo en un centro musulmán de Lisboa,” El Mundo, March 28, 2023 (thanks to L.):

One of the fatal victims of the attack on the Ismaili center in Lisbon perpetrated today was a teacher of the attacker and the other a colleague of the attacker of Afghan origin, announced local media.

The attacker, a 40-year-old Afghan, has lived in Odivelas — in the Lisbon metropolitan area — since a year ago, he is a father of three children and his wife died in a refugee camp in Greece, according to the Correio da Manhá.

The man, who knew the Ismaili center well because he received classes at the institution, showed up today in the armed enclosure with a large knife, killed the women and left several serious injuries.

The two victims are the attacker’s English teacher, 40 years old, and a partner of the aggressor, also of Afghan origin and 20 years old, according to CNN Portugal.

Omed Taeni, a member of the Afghan Community Association in Lisbon, pointed out to the media that the attacker did not associate with Afghan residents and that it “seems that he had psychological problems” after the death of his wife in Greece.

The Portuguese police disclosed that they received the first warning of the aggression minutes before 11:00 local time, when classes and other activities were taught in the centre.

The agents found a man armed with a large knife.

“Orders were given to the attacker to stop the attack; he disobeyed and advanced with the knife in his hand in the direction of the police,” who “resorted to the firearm, reaching and neutralizing the attacker,” said an official statement.

The attacker was injured in the legs and was admitted to a hospital under police custody.

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, announced that “everything indicates that it was an isolated act, but,” he qualified, “we are not going to assume that.”

The Lisbon Ismaili Center was built by the Aga Khan Foundation and opened in 1998.

The police have cordoned off the area with a strong security device in which the counter-terrorist unit of the Judicial Police participates, although the Portuguese government has not confirmed whether the attack can be classified as a terrorist attack.