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PBS promotes Hamas-linked CAIR in New Jersey



Here is yet another news broadcast, the eighth, about the mobile digital billboard that drove through a New Jersey mosque’s parking lot. We still do not know who rented the truck, why they did it, or exactly what the billboard signs said. However, what we do have is a very good example of newscasters taking dictation from the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Presenter Briana Vannozzi of PBS’s NJ Spotlight News relates the “mobile billboard” story to the “bulldozer” story from last August:

This follows an incident in August when a bulldozer was present during an Indian Independence Day parade in Edison and Woodbridge. The New Jersey chapter on American-Islamic Relations [sic] has called on local leaders to condemn the offensive use of the bulldozer — which in India often symbolizes anti-Muslim sentiment. And local leaders now say they want these incidents to be taken seriously.

There is no connection between the mobile billboard and the bulldozer except in CAIR’s mind, and now also in media reports. And the bulldozer does not “symbolize anti-Muslim sentiment in India.” One more time for the guys in the back: the bulldozer is a sign of defiance towards Muslims who are violent, dangerous jihadis.

Here is a Time magazine article lamenting so-called “bulldozer justice.” It was written by Afreen Fatima, who is the daughter of Javed Muhammad, a man who was “accused of being the ‘mastermind’ of the protests against the remarks on Prophet Muhammad in Prayagraj, UP.”

Here is an Indian news source, giving more details on Javad Muhammad’s role in organizing and leading the “protest,” which turned violent. And here is Jihad Watch reporting on one of the victims of the Muslim rage that ensued when the truth was spoken about Islam’s prophet marrying a child.

The bulldozer represented resistance to those who were rioting and destroying because of words they considered insulting.

The BBC said in 2015 shows that the 1993 Mumbai bombings were part of a series of claimed reprisals to supposed atrocities against Muslims, of the kind that bring to mind the blood-feuds in “Palestine,” Myanmar, and Chechnya, as well as India. Now in New Jersey, CAIR is calling for reprisals, that is, “charges,” to be brought against whomever is behind the mobile billboard, before the public even knows what the billboards said or why it was at the mosque. The subtext of CAIR press conference on the mobile billboard incident is: “We will get you for this.”

We still do not know what the mobile billboard represents. But can you just imagine what a Hindu or non-Muslim from India must think while watching these news segments on WABC, News12, and PBS?

As long as local newscasters continue their slavish devotion to the narratives provided by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, TV news stations will remain the enemy of the people.

“Community members ask police to investigate anti-Muslim messages,” by Raven Santana, NJ Spotlight News, December 2, 2022:

Members of New Jersey’s Muslim community are asking police to investigate trucks displaying hateful anti-Islamic messages. The trucks were reported circling three different mosques in Middlesex County last week, and at least one of the trucks was captured on surveillance video, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Gov. Phil Murphy showed support for the Muslim community, tweeting “Anti Muslim intimidation tactics are utterly unacceptable and downright shameful. No one should have to fear being harassed at their place of worship or in their community”….

“It has become an issue that is, you know, not just like the bulldozer, or maybe the truck episode. But it’s really impacting people’s lives and it’s causing a disturbance and it’s just another form of anti-Muslim animus that has now made its way to Jersey. So what we’re doing is, we’re calling on law enforcement to take this issue seriously to bring charges against the perpetrators of this, you know, coordinated effort that has targeted three mosques,” said Selaedin Maksut, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.