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Pakistan to seek internal assistance to hide internal insurgency, from Turkey for terrorist infiltration



Pakistan’s Imran government and the Pakistan Army, which is battling internal rebellion and protests, are plotting major attacks in Kashmir to divert attention. On the basis of intelligence inputs, security forces have been alerted to prevent infiltration on the border and terrorist incidents in the valley. According to intelligence sources, Pakistan is also preparing to take a special radar system from Turkey. These radars will not only help in infiltration of terrorists, but can also help in protecting the Pakistani Army from any situation like surgical strike.

Pakistan is also buying weapons on a large scale from China. Militants are also being given Chinese weapons. Sources say that Pakistan is taking the ‘Radinar PTR-X Parimeter’ surveillance radar system from Turkey in the name of surveillance. While the main purpose of taking this radar system is to infiltrate terrorists on the LoC adjacent to India.

Sources said, the special feature of this radar system is that it is portable. Only two people can operate this system easily and can be easily carried and carried anywhere. The range of this radar system is about 4 kilometers and it can give accurate information about humans, animals and even cars.

Attempt to scan new areas:
This system can scan a large area in a fully automatic manner and there is no need to monitor it continuously with the help of telescopes and cameras. According to experts, Pakistan is taking this system from Turkey because the strong grid of the Indian Army on the LoC has failed the infiltration efforts. Through this radar, he will try to scan and find the areas from where it is easy to infiltrate so that new routes can be opened instead of traditional routes of infiltration.

Disturbance on the inner front:
Sources said that Pakistan is unaware that its plan of Kashmir is continuously failing and it is getting surrounded on the domestic front. The situation is critical in the Indus. Due to India’s strict strategy on the Kashmir issue, Pakistan is internationally trusted by countries like Turkey, China and Malaysia. It is worth mentioning that the Pakistan Army has also intensified firing on the border in the last few days.




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