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Pakistan: Muslims murder ‘filthy Christian,’ threaten to murder his family if they go to police



Here is yet another in an apparently endless string of news items that the Western establishment media will ignore because it doesn’t fit their Muslims-are-always-victims narrative.

“Christian Guava farmer killed by Muslim gang for stopping fruit theft and destruction,” British Asian Christian Association, January 17, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Early in the morning, on 11th January 2023, Allah Ditta (55 yrs) began tending to his small guava farm in Okara Pakistan, which he has leased from Muslim owners for a year.

Around 2pm three Muslim men entered the farm and began destroying guava fruit on the farm.  The culprits Usama, Intizar and Muhammad Awais began plucking, tasting and throwing away unwanted fruit while they digested the best produce.  They also began trampling on fruit they did not like, laughing and joking as they left their destruction in the well kept guava orchard.  The three men were known to the Christian family because they had undertaken such theft and vandalism before, they were from wealthy Muslim families and looked down on Christians and often treated them harshly.

Allah Ditta along with his son Shahbaz Masih (30 yrs) at the time were undertaking some routine care of their trees. Allah Ditta walked across to the loud, loutish men and asked them not to waste away his fruits, explaining they were owned by him, and that the fruit was not ripe anyway as it was winter season.

On being approached by Allah Ditta the men became enraged, Intizar began verbally abusing Allah Ditta, he shouted:

“Your a Choora (filthy Chrristian)!

“How dare you prohibit us from taking fruit from this farm!”

“Grab  him and kill him”

Usama then pulled out a pistol from the small of his back and shot Allah Ditta in the chest. The culprits then shouted out to Shahbaz that if he told the police about what happened that he and his family would be killed.  The men then ran away laughing and destroying more fruit as they exited the crime scene.

Shahbaz who was tending to the trees some distance away ran towards his father after watching  Usama pull out a gun and hearing the bang of the gun shot. When he arrived by his father’s side, there was a large amount of blood on the floor, and all over Allah Ditta’s clothes.  Allah Ditta was not moving and he feared the worse.

Shahbaz told us that he began to weep inconsolably, he called out to his father but was getting no response.  He called emergency services using the 911 service and requested emergency medical support.  he then called the Police emergency hotline on 15 and requested help describing the shooting incident.

The medical rescue team arrived in minutes but on investigation they gave the worst diagnosis for Shahbaz, explaining that his father was dead.  Police arrived 20 minutes later and investigated the crime scene.  After police had completed their investigation, Allah Ditta’s body was put into an ambulance and taken to Civil Hospital Okara for a postmortem.

Brother of Shahzad, Kashif Masih was asked to go to Renal Khurd Police Station.  After taking all the necessary details of the crime, police registerd FIR No.28/23 against all three culprits under charges 34 and  302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

The next day, the Mr Ditta’s corpse was buried in a local Christian graveyard. BACA visited the family on 13th January and attended the memorial service.

Soobedar Masih, a first cousin of Allah Ditta, spoke with British Asian Christian Association, he said:

“The police arrested Muhammad Intizar after raiding his home.

“He confessed to the crime  and police are now  searching for Osama and Muhammad Awais.

“We have been informed that an All Points Bulletin (APB) has been sent to national police forces.”

All three culprits belong to wealthy families and have strong political connections. The father of Osama is a retired army officer and he has already approached the family of Allah Ditta, offering apologies for his son’s behaviour.  He offered  Soobedar Masih, 500,000 Rs (1757 Pounds) as compensatory bribe for the loss of the family’s patriarch.  The family of Allah Ditta have unanimously and outrightly refused his bribe.  However, the powerful position of the father of Usama places them all in great danger and the family have asked for some protection.

A Muslim neighbour, Muhammad Abdul Ghufar, spoke with British Asian Christian Association, he said:

“Allah Ditta was a very noble person.

“He was the main bread-winner for his family, a great father and wonderful neighbour.

“The murderers have killed him without reason and we are standing with the family of Allah Ditta….