Outrage as lady shares her interaction with a young hotel cleaner

A Nigerian lady triggers reactions after recording her discussion with a young hotel cleaner and offering to pay ten times his wages.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a hotel making advances to staff while he was on room service duties.

Outrage as lady shares her encounter with a young hotel cleanerOutrage as lady shares her encounter with a young hotel cleaner

The young man could be seen with a mop, cleaning the room while the lady sat on her bed trying to have small talk.

The lady complimented him, asked about his wage and offered to pay tenfold what he earns if he agreed to pay her a visit at her house.

“Fine boy; are you shy? Do you love me? Can you handle me? How much are they paying you here? I will invite you to my house and pay you N50K. Can you do that?” she said partly.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions from netizens who condemned the lady for recording the boy without his consent and almost making advances to him.

Reactions as lady makes advances to hotel cleaner

MrsZanga wrote: “If na man make this video now, the internet for don turn upside down ????????‍♀️.”

Anon4noun noted: “Hustle make them no dy call you fine guy with mop for your hand.”

abazwhyllzz added: “I am happy she put up her face at the end of the video. I hope feminist will take it from there and deal with her.”

Ugochukwu_96 opined: “Is this not sexùal hàrassmènt like this? Did she ask for consent before posting his video online? Why is she trying to use him for clout? If roles were reversed now, we would not hear word from b¡tter fem¡nists on how men “h@te women” and want to “exploit them” ????.”

Just_Oma_ wrote: “This is soft harassment sha. You do not film people without their permission to post online. Much worse she’s commodifying the young man. If this was the other way round these hopeless feminists would start ranting.”

NonyeKings penned: “Why is she recording sexually harassing him ? These ladies are so weird. I don’t understand why she didn’t excuse him to clean.”

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